Tire Regrooving Machine (Heavy -duty)


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Tire Regrooving Machine
Power supply Voltage : 220v
Output Voltage: Adjustable four gears
Power: 350
Gross Weight: 7.2kg

Use and maintenance:
1. The user selects the corresponding blade according to the required pattern section and presses it on the head of the engraving machine with the knife edge outwards, turns on the power and adjust the ouput voltage gear from low to high, voltage cannot be too high.. Otherwise, the tool may be burned or damaged.

2. When engraving, the force should be even. Move the engraving machine forward according to the pattern trajectory.

3. Turn off the power after use and turn the voltage of the transformer to the lowest gear for the next use.

4. The machine has the characteristic of convenient operation, high carving quality, good equipment performance, small size and easy maintenance.


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